BB FlashBack Pro 3 full crack [screen recoder]

There are times when you may need to capture the desktop, maybe for showing a program error to the developer or for helping a beginner use a certain application or feature. The Windows operating system has a capturing function, which can be accessed by pressing the Print Screen key on the keyboard but this feature is extremely limited. Besides that, it can capture only static images and cannot record the desktop in motion. Fortunately, there are some applications that allow capturing the desktop and saving it as a video file. BB FlashBack Pro is one of them, being superior to most of the desktop recording software available on the market.

That’s because this Windows application is very easy to use, easy to install and includes exactly the features that an average user may need, no more, no less. The software practically includes two parts, the actual recording application and a player, which allows customizing the recorded video.

Regarding the recording application, it has a very simple interface which allows selecting what type of capturing should be performed, either of the complete desktop or of only a certain area of the screen or an active window. Besides that, the captured video can also include sound, which can be recorded from the microphone, line-in or every signal that passes through the sound card.

A recording can be initiated or stopped using hot keys. Using this feature, the program’s window can be minimized into the system tray and the program’s functions can be exclusively controlled using the keyboard. After the desktop has been recorded, the user can save it in a special format recognized by BB FlashBack Pro. This format can be then imported into the player application, where it can be edited. As such, the user can add text, images, Flash objects, sounds, watermarks and so on, to the recorded video.

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